.NET 4.0 “Parallel.For” too slow? Then read this…

If you find yourself experimenting with Parallel Extensions in .NET Framework 4 and find out (like myself) that Parallel.For(…) actually results in seriously degraded performance (compared to linear iteration) then try looking for explanation here: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/parallelextensions/th...

Solution is in Partitioner<T> class, but more about my findings read here in the near future…


Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 – Customizing start page

In my previous post I’ve mentioned that I like the start page customization in new VS10.

Although there are posts on the web that describe how to do it, none of them mention that start page customization in Beta 1 has to be ENABLED… Surprised

To enable this feature: VS10 Options > Environment > Startup > check Allow Custom Start Page

And after that, if you’re into uglyfing like in the picture just follow some of the post’s instructions.



Visual Studio 2010/.NET Framework 4 - First couple of hours in pictures – What I like

Overall new WPF look

New fully XAML customizable Start page

New project dialog (now searchable and sortable Smile)

Enhanced WPF designer with property editors

Code zoom (CRTL-scroll) – every trainer/tech presenter will love this one

Parallel LINQ extensions

int[] array = {
1, 5, 2, 10, 7,
81, 123, 6435, 123, 12,
234, 22, 665, 889, 11, 23,
94, 45, 26, 9001, 23

var query2 = from x in array.AsParallel()
where x % 2 == 1
orderby x descending
(long)Math.Pow(x, 3);

CRTL-ALT-SPACE Intellisense (consume first mode - hinting to IDE that we haven’t implemented that yet)

Consume-first Intellisense (guesses what should be in place)

And a few without pictures:

  • XAML Intellisense

  • Historical debugger

  • Coded UI test automation

And probably many more I didn’t stumble on… This will be an interesting spring/summer season.


Visual Studio 2010 inside Windows Virtual PC

Aero inside virtual machine… Really sweet Hot



Windows Virtual PC 1st look

Before I throw myself into Windows Virtual PC (Virtual PC 2007 SP1 successor) one thing is quite notable if you’re using VMWare products… The two (Workstation 6.5 & VPC 2007) never played well at the same time, but at least they didn’t crash each other.

Well the times are changing so Workstation 6.5 (or Player 6.5) will simply crash when you start WinVPC Beta.


It’s understandable that two different virtualization engines cannot use CPU’s virtualization capabilities at the same time, but let’s hope that final version of WinVPC and v.next of VMWare will have more understanding one for the other.