Displaying data in Visual Studio debugger variable windows

How can you display details of a custom type in debugger windows without expanding type tree?

Let’s consider following sample:

private static void Main()
var Js = new[]{
new IDableText("John"),
new IDableText("Jack"),
new IDableText("Joe"),
new IDableText("Jackson")

foreach (var j in Js)
// ...

class IDableText
public IDableText(string name)
this.Text = name;
this.CreationTime = DateTime.Now;
this.Id = Guid.NewGuid();

public DateTime CreationTime { get; private set; }
public string Text { get; private set; }
public Guid Id { get; private set; }

This code will produce all too known debug variable window:


But, if you decorate class IDableText with a built-in attribute like this…

[DebuggerDisplay("Text={Text}  CreationTime={CreationTime}  Id={Id}")]

…you’ll get more readable result.



Riding a PDC wave…

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