Office 2007 – Proofing Tools

If you're like me missing some spelling language in Office2007 applications, fear no more! Office 2003 Proofing Tools work just fine. These are the procedures for installation:

  • Insert your Office2003 installation CD (not Proofing Tools yet!)
  • Select some minimal installation (like only Word)
  • This step is necessary because Proofing Tools installation won't even start if there isn't any Office2003 application on the system
  • Office2007 works side-by-side with Office2003 so fear not of breaking your 2007 installation
  • Also, after this step don't start any Office2007 programs because it'll start reconfiguring itself to accommodate side-by-side installation with Office2003
  • Insert Office2003 Proofing Tools CD, select languages you're interested in and install
  • Go to "Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs" and uninstall Microsoft Office 2003 completely.
  • Install Service Pack 2 for Proofing Tools 2003 and you're ready to start spell checking in new languages!