[Advanced Programming] ThreadStatic fields

ThreadStaticAttribute class gives us a very neat (and lazy) method for creating thread level static fields.

Any static field marked with ThreadStatic attribute will be unique for each thread accessing it.

public class ThreadStaticSample
   private static List<string> stringList;

   // ...

Promoting Windows Vista --- stupid!

Are there more stupid ways to throw away marketing money?




Internet Explorer 7 Final – RunOnce troubles

If for some reason IE7 gets stuck on first load runonce webpage stating some kind of loading or server cache error, fear no more.

Open regedit,
find key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main" and add two DWORD Values in it: RunOnceComplete and RunOnceHasShown, both with value "1".

Restart IE, and enjoy…


Office 2007 – Proofing Tools

If you're like me missing some spelling language in Office2007 applications, fear no more! Office 2003 Proofing Tools work just fine. These are the procedures for installation:

  • Insert your Office2003 installation CD (not Proofing Tools yet!)
  • Select some minimal installation (like only Word)
  • This step is necessary because Proofing Tools installation won't even start if there isn't any Office2003 application on the system
  • Office2007 works side-by-side with Office2003 so fear not of breaking your 2007 installation
  • Also, after this step don't start any Office2007 programs because it'll start reconfiguring itself to accommodate side-by-side installation with Office2003
  • Insert Office2003 Proofing Tools CD, select languages you're interested in and install
  • Go to "Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs" and uninstall Microsoft Office 2003 completely.
  • Install Service Pack 2 for Proofing Tools 2003 and you're ready to start spell checking in new languages!



Ultimate Windows Presentation Foundation Learning resource

SearchVB.com compiled an exhaustive „Learning Guide“, a collection of links to help you start learning WPF: http://searchvb.techtarget.com/generic/0,295582,sid8_gci1189329,00.html#lab


[Office 2007] Where is that **** command?!

If you’re like me having problems locating commands in new Office 2007, try this links from online help.



PowerPoint 2007:


[PowerShell] Bulk file rename

Among many cool things you could do with PowerShell, the one I started using first, and use the most is bulk file renaming.

Digital cameras save pictures with most undescriptive names possible like ABC#####.jpg or HPIMG###.jpg. I like to store pictures properly named so I wouldn’t have to open photos in every folder just to locate one specific.

This PowerShell script does exactly that: locates every JPG file in current folder and renames it into “Picture###.jpg”.


$i = 0;
dir | where { $_.Name.ToLower().EndsWith("jpg") } | foreach { rename-item $_ Picture_$i.jpg; $i = $i + 1; }

My First Word 2007 Blog Post

Testing, testing…



Project Management a'la Dilbert

Universal truth at it's worst...

Dilbert 2/10/2006