Is there a wrong answer? [weird bugs #2]

Today I was talking with a couple of friends about importance of proper software error notifications and messages about incorrect data input. The topics were: programs with no messages (either it works or it does not), programs with messages which have no meaning to the user, programs with a-lot-of messages.

Although no one likes when the program crashes without any explanation, I don't believe that many people would appreciate the program displaying them all the "ugly" details behind the crash (not to mention security issues behind this software misdesign).

Then there are the messages that give user a chance to decide what to do about the error: notify manufacturer with details or just ignore... What about informational messages: something is about to happen and you are given a chance to decide in what direction should the program go ("The file you are trying to open does not exist. Should I create a new one?").

Now when you have some thoughts of your own, consider a program with an informational message that gives a simple choice of Yes and No.
Now imagine that program offers a choice of "Yes" and "No, but do it anyway".... Having trouble? Try Adobe Photoshop CS!

Yup, one of most popular image editing programs has the stupidest bugs of all time. If your Windows have paging file disabled Photoshop will complain during startup, but will give you a chance to continue loading, or not to continue loading, but still load... :)

Make a choice! I'll bet I can guess which one it'll be! :)