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About 15 months ago I got myself a brand new HP nc8000 laptop. Although many said it’s bulky, fat or even ugly I liked it. A couple of months later battery died. It wouldn’t charge and it wouldn’t run without AC connected. A week later I got my laptop back from repairs with a new battery.
Everything was fine for next 11 months when speakers all of a sudden stopped working. No sound, not even a beep! Next month Bluetooth card said bye, bye! How? I’d like to know too. After LCD screen started flickering 7 weeks ago I decided it’s finally time for next visit to repair center.

For 6 weeks no word from repair services: „next week…“ I was told every time I called. After a long time I finally receive a call: “We got all the components and we assembled your unit, but…”, “What BUT?!? I don’t want to hear BUT!!”.
Seems like someone connected something wrong and laptop squeaked a simple and short “bzzz…!". If I wasn’t at least angry by then, I was furious now for sure!

I was immediately transferred to repair services head and was promised a new laptop. When? In a week, she said. Well, we’ll see about that week…

Yesterday, I was surprised more than ever. Not only did they call me back in under a week, but I was offered a brand new nc8230 laptop! “We are very sorry for all the inconveniences. And would you accept this offer?”. “First, you should be VERY sorry, and yes, I will accept this new laptop.” :))

I was replaced this for this! Bigger screen, faster CPU, new DDR2, bigger HDD...
Thumbs up HP! You just got yourself a long term customer.

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Anonymous said...

C'mon, Dario - you pay for a laptop, then it doesn't work perfectly, then it dies, then the reair shopy fries your mobo, then... And, at the end, they give you the newer model because they don't have the older one anymore and they don't want to get sued :) Looks like a brad to avoid.