Choose a winning horse

About 15 months ago I got myself a brand new HP nc8000 laptop. Although many said it’s bulky, fat or even ugly I liked it. A couple of months later battery died. It wouldn’t charge and it wouldn’t run without AC connected. A week later I got my laptop back from repairs with a new battery.
Everything was fine for next 11 months when speakers all of a sudden stopped working. No sound, not even a beep! Next month Bluetooth card said bye, bye! How? I’d like to know too. After LCD screen started flickering 7 weeks ago I decided it’s finally time for next visit to repair center.

For 6 weeks no word from repair services: „next week…“ I was told every time I called. After a long time I finally receive a call: “We got all the components and we assembled your unit, but…”, “What BUT?!? I don’t want to hear BUT!!”.
Seems like someone connected something wrong and laptop squeaked a simple and short “bzzz…!". If I wasn’t at least angry by then, I was furious now for sure!

I was immediately transferred to repair services head and was promised a new laptop. When? In a week, she said. Well, we’ll see about that week…

Yesterday, I was surprised more than ever. Not only did they call me back in under a week, but I was offered a brand new nc8230 laptop! “We are very sorry for all the inconveniences. And would you accept this offer?”. “First, you should be VERY sorry, and yes, I will accept this new laptop.” :))

I was replaced this for this! Bigger screen, faster CPU, new DDR2, bigger HDD...
Thumbs up HP! You just got yourself a long term customer.