It's been a very long time since my last post. I was thinking about writing some really good excuse (presumably believable), but I decided to tell THE TRUTH: I was lazy! Yup... I was so lazy about typing new blogs that I completely forgot about it... :(

Am I sorry? Yes and no.

Yes: so many things happened since my last post that I wanted to write about here, but now are more-or-less lost. Also, not to forget, I promised some articles about WS-*...

No: I did and learned so many new things in the meantime, that I don't know where to (re)start bloging.

I co-founded software consulting - training organization: idroot.net. Web is still under construction and will remain in that status for some time... Until it's finally published check out my personal web: http://dfruk.idroot.net.

Currently, I'm involved in a "financial market" software project as a dev consultant. Most interesting fact is that server-part of this project is a high-perf .NET application, so when this project finishes sometime around mid-June maybe I'll have a tips'n'tricks article about writing high-perf .NET applications.